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  Flex connections: Dynamic and precise Application Note Flex-Rigid 1,603KB [icon]  
  Flex-rigid PCBs and ZIF connectors Tec Report Flex-Rigid 1,332KB [icon]  
  Drying Recommendation Drying Flex-Rigid 273KB [icon]  
  HDI Design Guide Design Guide Microvia HDI 2,372KB [icon]  
  When 1/10 millimeter makes a difference Application Note Microvia HDI 3,224KB [icon]  
  PCB on board Application Note Microvia HDI 2,200KB [icon]  
  Different applications on top und bottom Application Note Microvia HDI 3,127KB [icon]  
  Nomenclature Design Rules Microvia HDI 287KB [icon]  
  Poster: HDI Design Guide Design Guide Microvia HDI 1,037KB [icon]  
  High-performance Printed circuit boards system Application Note Microvia HDI, Thermal Management 844KB [icon]