Press Fit Products and Applications

Press Fit Options

From Wurth Electronics Midcom, the most popular options are the Full Pin-Plate Shank and the Full Pin-Plate Bushes. A new surface mount part was released this year as well. The product range has a lot of variation allowing more creativity in your designs.

Shanks and Bushes

These are primarily used to fix large cables. They also work for laminated fuse holding applications or battery disconnecting. Custom parts are available if needed in a specific height or length to fit the application.

90 Degree parts

These are used in high current relays or even just fixing to housing for mechanical usage rather than high current.

Two Part Power Elements

These work well if you need a low load on the PCB and a low profile. It starts with a top square press fit element, pressed in the PCB. Then, flip the board around and press in the bottom element. The bottom element is where there is a lot of variation with options for an internal thread, through hole, or threaded screw.

Surface Mount Power Elements (New)

They do not offer all the advantages of a press fit power element since it is on the surface, only working with the top layer of the PCB. The mechanical structure of the press fit element is not as good on the surface mount version. They do still use the brass material and tin plating. They offer heat resistance up to 155 C with up to 50A. The main bennefit for these power elements is to cut out a production process while still getting a high mechanical stability.

Applications for Press Fit

Laminated fuse holder with a basic wire-to-board that can support up to 300A. Or a high current, board-to-board connection that cannot be found in many other board-to-board connectors. Also a fixing to enclosure for a high environmental, high vibration application where high stability is needed even without current.

End products from using the power elements for heavy duty machinery such as small motors, generators, welding machines and elevators. Many are high current, wire-to-board everyday applications.

Overall, press fit technology is more secure than traditional soldering and will be best suited for high continuous and peak currents. Without having to make many changes in production, press fit can easily fit into your circuit board production.

Want to learn more about press fit? See our last posts for more info on using the new technology.

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